Sunday, July 23, 2017

Royal Roads Homecoming 8 - 10 September, 2017

This is the homecoming being organized by Royal Roads University.

There is nothing planned by the Class.

However, if you plan on going I can post your name here so others can see who will be attending.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Ottawa RMC Branch Golf Tournament 7 July, 2017

Another outstanding Ottawa Branch Golf Tournament this past Friday with over 140 participants. The Class of ’69 was out in force once again with a contingent of 14 golfers making up some ten percent of the field. 

7761 Mike J, 8031 Tom E, 7982 Lea V, 8060 Harry M, 8019 John C, 7763 Chris H, 8023 Dave C, 8026 Mel D, 8171 Don P, 7783 Pete M, 7855 Paul H, 8033 Brian F and 7928 Cajo B. MIA when photo taken: 8145 Ken L.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I have decided to list everyone who has a Facebook account that I know of. This will enable everyone to manage their own info and photos.

In keeping with my policy of not providing full names, I will link a number with initials.

If you do not want yours advertised, please let me know. This is a work in progress. I have quite a few but need time to put up. If you think I 've forgotten you, please send email or respond here.

7486 GF
7530 FT
7664 WH
7753 CH
7769 ML
7783 PM
7856 JB
7904 NL
7959 MH
7960 DF
8027 RD
8034 GG
8046 JK
8052 GM
8058 TM
8063 DN
8092 Herc
8060 HM
8090 BA
8100 WB
8120 BG
8140 RK
8170 JO
8184 GS
8190 DT
8198 RW

Tom E's 70th

Another makes the 70 year milepost.

Congrats, Tom. Can you name everyone?

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Having both endured the loss of their partners in 2016, Judy and Keith have decided to share a new life together. As Judy said, "We figured that if Candy and Nick were together "up there", that we should be together down here." For the record, Keith was Nick's best man at their wedding so many years ago. Judy will be moving to Victoria at the end of May.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness.


Somehow I don't think Eli Wallach needs to worry, even upstairs in heaven. As well there's dialing it back in retirement and then there's just going backwards. Don't see any stress lines, so maybe he's found the magic potion.

Monday, October 31, 2016


If you did not hear last week's radio interview of Romeo, I have included a link.

Very moving is all I can say.

As Class Secretary, I have sent an email of support from the Class. 

Am open to other suggestions